Making of Werewolf

For this years Purim celebrations I wanted to try out making a mask with fur. The werewolf concept is perfect for that, so my goal was to make a pretty scary wolf mask wearing a bloody hooded jacket.

I’m going to show the process of getting this done.

metal wire armature

Why metal armature? Because I’de really hate if this mask breaks due to using soft and breakable materials. Also I want to have a hinge for the jaw in order for it to open and close with my own jaw. So I planned a structure that will hold the area of the mask and some straps to lock the mask to the back of my head for support. This took some trial and error until getting something that holds nicely and doesn’t hurt my face.

I used thick and thin metal wires and fused some areas with epoxy clay. for the straps I used black rubber patches and velcro.


metal net surface

I then used metal net patches to surface the wire and create the basic volume of the mask, by sewing them with some thin wires.


paper mache sculpting

I made some paper mache from paper powder and water and started sculpting the shapes, covering the whole armature. Not getting into too much detail keeping in mind that this will all be covered by the fur. So if I wanted to get the wrinkles on the snout I had to exaggerate their form.

Again, I had to check the mask many times to see that it’s comfortable, firm, and in proportion to my head and body.


laying the fur

Using a hot glue gun I stretched the fur on top of the paper mache. Slowly but surely laying a line of glue each time and stretching the fur tightly. Repeating this over and over until I got the whole mask covered. I had to shave the fur on the snout area so this wolf doesn’t look like a bear. In order to emphasize the snarl wrinkles I used scissors to trim the wrinkles deeper.


creating nose and teeth

For the nose and teeth I used white sculpey material. After sculpting the forms I baked them in the oven to harden them.


coloring with acrylics

Acrylic colors work well with sculpey. I colored each element separately and after drying, I glued them onto the mask.


adding varnish to wet spots

To get the wet look on the teeth and nostrils I added a layer of varnish. This works very well at getting shiny highlights and giving life to the creature.


Bloody jacket

For the jacket I just looked up how to make fake blood online… It’s pretty easy and quick. Then I spattered some of that yummy liquid onto an old jacket of mine.


final mask


8 Responses to “Making of Werewolf”

  1. It’s amazing my friend.

  2. אלוף אתה , אלוף !

  3. רפי זה פשוט מדהים!!!!

  4. Thanks a lot guys!

  5. מעולה איש

  6. וואו, איזו השקעה, עד אחרון הפרטים הקטנים. מדהים מדהים מדהים

  7. where did you get the fur ?

  8. נחלת בנימין, שוורץ פרוות

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