Making of Skull Monster

I’m gonna show the process I’m going through to make my coming PURIM costume.


The concept is some sort of  skull looking monster for a mythical/fantasy world.  All though it’s more like a warrior man wearing his monster outfit, than a real monster.


Thanks for taking a look and hope you like what you see…

You can always share your thoughts and feelings, I’d be glad to hear them.


Here’s the basic design


mask_sketch(click images to enlarge)






in order to make the mask I first started by casting my face. I used a nice mold making material with a banana flavour to push my face into. Then i casted in a cheramic material that i poured in to the mold. It really got the hairy details nicely as you can see. I had to put lots of vasoline on my eyebrows, lashes and beard. fun!



Next i started sculpting on the cast using brown Chavant. It hard in room temprature and it softens when heated. I’m using a heat gun to soften the material and the areas that I’m working on. After a few hours I got this basic structure…



I continued working on the mask, getting the big shapes to my satisfaction. Then I moved on to smooth the surface a bit and add some cracks and details so it feels more like bone. For now I only detailed the top piece.


(click the image to enlarge)

Here I am just holding the chavant mask against my face. 





This is a small skull I made from sculpey for a neck piece I’m gonna wear. I dug a hole in the back for the string. Then I painted it with acrylic colors, and ink for the dark areas.

img_22031  img_2246








The concept for the cloths is similar to a monk’s robe. In order to cut the fabric correctly I had an idea of using 3d software for testing the shape of the cloths and simulating it on a human body. Then I will cut the cloths and flatten the 3d pieces using the unwrapping tools to get the shapes for cutting the real fabric.





The wizard staff was something that I didn’t have a very specific design for, but I knew that I want it to be wooden, and have the top glow in a push of an unseen button. 

I started out with a broom stick and coverred it with plaster bandages to shape it like a wooden branch of a tree. To make a convincing wood color I used a special liquid that makes things like like wood by applying it to the surface and wiping out areas with a piece of fabric to make them brighter. It dries up very quickly so this whole process was a fairly quick task.



In order to make the top of the staff I needed to make a tube that will contain the electronic items that will light up. For that I used the cardboard tube of a tinfoil. then cut the edges in a way that would able me to connect it to the broom stick. 



(click images to enlarge)


Then I wired up the LED with a battery and a button that turns the light on only when it’s pressed and pushed it in the tube. I then set up the “magic orb” thing on the top. I used a piece of a water bottle (flipped upside down), a cottege plastic cup,  and cottun balls to get the affect.


staff_steps3     staff_steps4

(click images to enlarge)


13 Responses to “Making of Skull Monster”

  1. Damn Dude!
    COOL idea!!! Looking forward to seeing this complete in purim…

    Can you write some more on the molding process? (material wise..)

  2. Thanks Nir!
    About the mold making – I used a yellow powder called Chromate. You mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio. It takes 3 minutes to harden to a flexible mold and you can use it only once. After a day it dries up and crumbles apart. and as the guy in the shop repeatedly said “You can use it on ANY body part”.

  3. That’s insanely cool! I’m following this one :)))

  4. You are insane! That’s amazing!

    What you gonna wield as a weapon?

  5. Thanks Bob, I decided not to make a weapon but a wizard type staff instead. it will light up and stuff 🙂 I’ll update it soon!

  6. ואוו! אין עליך רפ רפ

  7. Hi Rafi,
    This looks great. You have to let me know when I can record you on video. I’m doing teaser-trailer for friend’s company in Spain, and I’d like to see if I can shoot on video you and your mask and persuade them to incorporate your creation in the story of the future film. Actually – you would probably need to do more… let’s talk tomorrow… – Dragon

  8. Hey Dragon, that sounds awesome. The final mask isn’t totally done yet, but the rest is. We should definitely talk about this, thanks.

  9. Hi man, i loved your post in Cgtalk,the 3d Boy.
    fantastic work. awesore.

  10. מה נשמע שועל?
    חבל שלא העלת תמונות סופיות של המסכה והמקל…
    ושכחתי את השם של החנות שממנה אמרת שקנית את החומרים

  11. החנות נקראת “ארטאץ” ברח’ ויטל 17 פלןרנטין ת”א 03-5184684

  12. תודה 🙂

  13. איזה כישרון מדהים

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