Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite movies. Had to make this one of Doctor Emmet Brown. Such a great character.

I was really short on references for this one. Took about 4 hours


~ by rafiba on November 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “Doc”

  1. Hi Rafi !
    I own a french website about dreams, and I loved your painting so much I used it on a page. I hope you won’t mind (If you do, tell me and I’ll delete the image from my website).
    The page is : Retour vers le futur (The link to the image is at the bottom of the page, near to the little “[6]”).

  2. Oh hey Loni, sure you can use it!
    Glad you liked it so much and I appreciate you letting me know about using it.

  3. Thanks a lot, Rafi ! And keep up the good work, I like your paintings A LOT !

  4. Love this image. It’s what I aspire to in my later years.

  5. Hi !
    I thought you’d pleased to know that I found this painting so nice that I actually had it printed and framed. It’s in my room, on a wall, next to other fanarts of Yoda, Indiana Jones and Gandalf 😉
    Just mail me if you want a picture of this 😉
    Thank you !

  6. Hah, sweet of you to share that, would love to see a pic of the wall 🙂
    you can email it to me:

  7. Hi Rafi,

    seems like you are the Copyright owner of this brilliant image.
    I just wanted to use this image as a personal avatar on our Office steering board, but not without asking for it.
    It would be used as a printed Image ~5x5cm in size on magnets.

    I want to know if it is ok for you.

    Thanks in advance


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