The Thinking Beast

I just finished working on a challenge titled “Creatures and Critters”. It was the first challenge by a new CG site – I worked on it in my spare time, which was not a lot.

The idea here is to actually use the sculpture theme, by taking a well known Rodin sculpture and transforming it to a huge beast. This iconic pose contradicts what we usually think of a giant creature, as stupid bullies or maybe servants that follow strict orders but never think for themselves.
But still, I want to play with that stereotype a bit by making this simple action seem like a great effort for this beast.

Here you can see the final submission render from Zbrush (3d software), and the process i went through in order to get there.

(click images to enlarge)




~ by rafiba on July 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Thinking Beast”

  1. Put the turntable movie here too!
    The reflection is a bit exaggerated – neigh?

  2. The turntable is bad right now, I’ll make a new one and upload it

  3. fantastic work , loved the muscles and the fat ripples..
    and of course the Rodin inspiration was brilliant.

  4. just amazing. your best work!

  5. Amazing!

  6. Really amazing work man! The tail spikes feels odd to me though. I think if you have them, I would like to see more of them. these feel a bit random and scattered. The skin texture on the back is working well, but then just stops as we get to his bicep area. I really like the sculpting aspect of it, really have energy which is a very ‘Rodin’ish and very hard to achieve in such a restrained pose. Really amazing work you’re doing. I can see this guy in action, very cool.

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