Sand Garfield

This week I participated in a sand sculpture competission with a great team of friends (Anat, Aviv, Elinor, Doron, Elin and my brother Ran). It was only 4 hours and was open for everyone so we didn’t see any professionals there, which probably helped us win the first prize!

The title was Cartoons, so I sculpted this sketch of  Garfield lying in his sandbox with a TV remote


This thing helped us a lot because we had only 4 hours, including piling alot of sand. Using the small sketch we could devide our work and always  know where we’re going.

The piling of the sand took about an hour and a half, making sure the sand is strong enough by continuosly watering it and tapping on it with shovles. It seemed like it would take us all day…


When we were done piling we started carving, and eventually we were all on it from every angle.


And here’s the whole team with the end result


If you can easily cross your eyes you can enjoy this crossview 3d image



~ by rafiba on April 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sand Garfield”

  1. omg! i can see the 3d! lololol!!!
    so cool, hope you used sun screen and all. great job!!

  2. Actually it was very cloudy and windy that day, so the sunscreen stayed in the bag 🙂
    thanks Rongo, happy to see you around here at least.

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