Adrenaline Lemmings CGI test


A freelance job I did as character modeler. This is an Animation test for series of original shorts created by JP Vine with Alex Orrelle at Crew 972. I love how this character turned out and how he animates. Menashe Morobuse pulled off a great rig and camera matching, Alex Orrelle and Nir Ginat did an awesome job of bringing Seb, the lemming, to life. I modelled the character and prepared it for facial animation.




~ by rafiba on March 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “Adrenaline Lemmings CGI test”

  1. looks brilliant, of course, and funny. A compositing note (naturally…) – the guy at the end doesn’t cast shadow on the sign.

  2. I heard they had some issues with that specific shot. It’s Definitely not the strongest one out of the test. But at least it’s funny 🙂

  3. Hey – Funny is money.

  4. Who directed the live-action shooting, and how much of the camera movement was altered/re timed in post?
    Really beautiful job in every aspect! (Seen now in full length for the first time).

    Alex, BTW I would include the end of that last shot in the showreel as well, as it is the most characterizing action in this short and it’s what sells you as a good storyteller.

  5. Very cool my friend, very cool

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