Oil Portrait

I decided to make an oil painting of my dad for his coming birthday this month. I had 2 sessions that added up to 4  hours. I didn’t get a lot of oil painting practice before, so i’m pritty happy about getting to such a stage at this pase.

I like taking pictures of my progress for two main reasons: 1. Everytime I want to proceed to the next step, it scares the hell out of me that I’m going to lose the current stage forever. It frightens me! 2. is more practical… To see if i’m losing anything I liked in previous stages, and basicly learn from my mistakes.


I’m using a 50X40 cm Canvas.   4 hours.


~ by rafiba on January 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Oil Portrait”

  1. hi,
    u are a great painter, continue to paint & develop.
    love u, Tovi.

  2. Hey Rafidude,
    That looks really awesome. (I’m totally scared of oils.)
    My favorite stage is no. 3, I like the rough chunks of color
    I like less the background in the last stage. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the cooler hue which brings out the face better (in no. 4), or maybe cause when you kept playing with the greens/oranges in the bg it became more complex and detracts attention from what’s going on in the face.
    Either way, stage 5 is just more interesting for me to look at.

    Again, an awesome job. Do more 😛

  3. hi Rafi

    My name is Amit, an aniamtion director from USA. please contact me when can


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