Oil Painting

Oil painting is new to me. It has allways been a mistery to me how it works and why…

So i found out about a short oil painting course in Tel Aviv, with Vadim Koptievski. It was exactly what I needed. A few lessons with a live model, learning a basic technique of working with oils, observing colors and figuring out the lighting conditions (in a studio). Vadim is very enthusiastic and talkative, and I learnt more from every remark he had for my painting, and his explainations were very clear.

This is my painting after 7 lessons, 3 hours each. I didn’t get to finnish it completely so here’s the part I did get done. it’s a start…



~ by rafiba on December 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Oil Painting”

  1. love it!!!!


  2. Is nice! šŸ™‚ I like the expressive colors in the shaded areas. Anatomy and proportions look right too.

    You say it’s not completely finished – to me it looks almost OVER finished…I like oil colors best when they suggest details through context, and when there’s a variation of the level of detail across the painting. Here’s an example from Sargent: http://www.phlebasnine.com/Assets/sargent.jpg

    You got me interested, maybe I’ll take the course too one of these days.

  3. שוווועל

  4. Thanks… means a lot coming from you guys

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