Female Sculpture

I started working on this sculpture 2 weeks ago. Here you can see the sketch I made for it (13 cm tall), and the armature (39 cm tall). It’s gonna be made out of clay. It’s time to get my hand durty !


~ by rafiba on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Female Sculpture”

  1. So in your head you knew that the funky skeleton is gonna be a crouching woman…
    Beautiful work bro!

  2. rafi taase li yeled, you talented benzona you

  3. Anonymus – It’s not quite true. the Skeleton was made based on the small skecth of the crouching woman. it’s all pretty much caculated.

    Rongo – lol, thanks. maybe in the next life, when we are both cats 🙂

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