Life Drawing

A few weeks ago we started getting some life drawing classes after work hours at Animation Lab. It’s great to have this a regular part of the week to keep practicing and improve our skills and observation.

Here are some of the more successful results. well, Danielle – the art director who’s instructing the class – keeps saying “don’t make it beautiful” , so it’s not my fault 🙂

He’s looking for research of the construction, to think through the paper and exaggerate what we see.

I don’t think i’m quite there, but it’s something different from what i’m used to doing in quick life drawing.

4-5 minutes

 10-15 minutes



~ by rafiba on March 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Life Drawing”

  1. these are super, boyo, i loooove fat models!! and you got the structure real well, very nice asses m8!

  2. hey rongo…
    i haven’t noticed the asses too much, thanks for pointing that out
    is was great seeing you in the studio, hope to see you more and soon!

  3. Its good to stumble upon someone else who is drawing from life! I just posted an article on gesture drawing on my blog if you are interested!

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