Wall Sculpture Progress

I got myself to continue working on my huge face sculpture.

One of my biggest downsides is getting things I’m working on in my spare time actually done.

For that reason, this sculpture was promised to friends of mine, so I’ll be totally ashamed of myself if I don’t get this finished!

I hope that in time I’ll get much faster at this, so I don’t have to ‘get back to it’ all the time.

As it appears i decided to smoothen the piece and make it more realistic looking.

The flat surfaces look was more of a construction stage for getting the shapes and volumes.


~ by rafiba on January 20, 2008.

One Response to “Wall Sculpture Progress”

  1. hi m8,
    the direction of looking on it when it’s done is in the right pic, right? if so, the forehead is close to being fine there, think about the outer line it will create, rather than the anatomically correct shape.
    great work me mano!

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