Too much time in the airport

I just got back from a visit to Vancouver! It was great seeing my friends there and getting tours in their animation studios.

I also went to a workshop in Seattle , which was super inspiring, but I’ll write about that later on.

Anyway I had 12 hours of waiting for my connection flight in Frankfurt, Germany. So I spent most of them filling up my sketch book.

I actually really enjoyed the free time over there. Sitting near people, listening to music, no distractions and just going with the flow of it.

Here’s what i came up with :

(Click image to see larger version)

Comments are more than welcome

 13-01-2008-151016.jpg  13-01-2008-151257.jpg

13-01-2008-151432.jpg 13-01-2008-151617.jpg

13-01-2008-1519381.jpg 13-01-2008-151759.jpg

13-01-2008-152531-copy.jpg 13-01-2008-152153.jpg



~ by rafiba on January 13, 2008.

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